Why The Juggernaut?

Simply put, we challenge you to find a more advanced beard growth supplement on the market. Think you found one? Does it come in a great tasting easy to drink powder? We will save you the trouble. You won't find anything on the market that is more complete or tastes better than The Juggernaut. Your beard growth search is finally over!

Tastes Amazing!

Available for pre orders in Wizardly Watermelon

What's Inside?

Our beard growth elixir features a non-proprietary blend of 3 major beard growth enhancers complete in one product. Giving you everything you need to enhance your beard growth and nothing you don't in an easy-to-drink great tasing flavor. Each tub contains 30 full scoops giving you that Juggernaut growth power all month long!

Trust Me, I'm A Wizard!

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Complete Beard Growth Vitamin Complex

Vitamin A - Repairs skin tissue. Giving you a foundation for a full, healthy beard

Vitamin C - Boosts the production of sebum which lubricates skin and hair

Vitamin D - Promotes beard growth by balancing the bodies hormones and triggering the production of natural testosterone

Vitamin B6 - Increases the flow of oxygenated blood to the hair follicle

Magnesium - Aids in the production of DHT and testosterone

Thiamin - Promotes vitamin absorption by the hair

Niacin - Promotes the circulation of blood to the hair follicles and enhances beard growth

Zinc - Strengthens hair follicles

Folate - Stimulates natural beard growth and cell production

Get The Juggernaut!

10,000mcg of Biotin!

The Juggernaut give you a massive dose of 10,000mcg of Biotin. Biotin when taken orally has been shown in many different studies to rapidly boost your hair growth production as well as boosting the strength of your beard hair. The Juggernaut provides the highest dose needed while giving you a better absorption rate vs all other biotin pills on the market. Aiding even further to your beard growth journey!

Get The Juggernaut!

5,000mg Of Collagen!

Collagen peptides are known worldwide for their incredible benefits to healthy hair growth as well as amazing benefits for healthy skin and nails. Bovine Collagen has been found to be the most potent and effective. Furthermore, when collagen is combined with an amino acid complex like the one found in The Juggernauts wizard growth blend they are more easily absorbed by the body making The Juggernaut the ultimate beard growth supplement.

Get The Juggernaut!

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