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Fable Vault

The Fable Misfits

The Fable Misfits

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Introducing the Fable Misfits Box: The Vault Collection of three extraordinary characters deemed too gross, weird, or wild for our regular lineup. Get ready to embrace the eccentricity with Three Crazy Characters and Three Crazy Scent Profiles to match. This one-of-a-kind vault combo kit features three characters of Beard Oil and Butter, all available for a limited time of 7 days.

Unleash the Fable Misfits, where bizarre and extraordinary characters take center stage! Brace yourselves as these three oddities step forward to challenge the norm and cast a spell on your senses! 

Meet the Misfits:

Hairband Hank - Rock out to the invigorating blend of Feelgood Watermelon, 80’s Hairmetal Cologne, and Groupie Musk

Pimple Paul - Dive into a unique mix of Rainy Day Basement, Damp Musty Woods, and Cheap Body Spray

Gangreen Gary - Embrace the strangeness with Creamy Coconut Bandages, Wet Drainage, and Good Patient Lolipop

These peculiar characters bring Three Amazingly Unique Scent Blends, each meticulously crafted to take your beard game to unexplored territories. The Wackiness of aromas awaits—are you ready to put your beard to the ultimate test?

*Limited Box Bundle 

Boxes Ship by July 31st

What's Included

3 Uniquely Scented Oil and Butter Combos

Limited Edition Packaging


Pre Order - Ships July 31st

Limited Availability

Only available for 7 Days while supplies last!

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